Decarbonization Program for SW PA Would Eliminate Most Emissions There By 2050, Potential Energy Lab’s “That’s Interesting”, Climate Champions–Helping Us Help You Reforest the Planet!

by | Jan 19, 2023 | Podcasts, The Climate Daily

Decarbonization program for SW PA would eliminate most emissions there by 2050, plus Potential Energy Lab’s “That’s Interesting”, and Climate Champions–helping us help you reforest the planet!



Carbon emissions from the power sector in a 10-county region of southwestern Pennsylvania would be nearly eliminated by 2050 under a program that increases renewable energy generation, increases storage, improves energy efficiency and uses existing nuclear capacity to meet the growing demand for electricity. These are the findings from a study published last week.

A “decarbonization path” proposed by the study’s authors, Strategen, a clean energy consultant, and the Ohio River Valley Institute, a research group, would shut down all of the region’s coal-fired power plants by 2035 and most of those that burn natural gas by 2050.

Further emission reductions would be achieved through the “deep electrification” of transport and buildings, leading to a 95 percent reduction in these sectors by 2050 and a reduction in their natural gas consumption by more than 90 percent each. In the power sector, emissions would fall by 97 percent by 2050, resulting in environmental benefits of $2.7 billion a year, the study found.

A Clean Energy Pathway for Southwestern Pennsylvania focuses on the region for its rich coal and natural gas resources, which have fueled a long history of energy production resulting in disproportionate impacts on human health and the natural environment. In the 10 counties, 72 percent of the energy generated comes from fossil fuels, while 26 percent comes from nuclear and just 2 percent from renewable energy.

The study argues that implementing a clean energy strategy in the heavily mined and fracked region could become a model for other areas.  I smell a template, listeners….!!

Why does this study matter to us?

“A clean energy transition is both possible and imperative for southwest Pennsylvania and broader Appalachia,” the 37-page paper said. “As part of a larger coordinated effort, the region can embark on a path to advance renewable resource development, accelerated electrification, and heavy investment in energy efficiency, while shedding its continued reliance on fossil fuels.”




We at The Climate Daily love John Marshall. He’s founder of Potential Energy Lab, a company whose goal is to massively grow the size of the climate movement by engaging new and broader audiences with new narratives.

Potential Energy’s whole premise is that Climate Change has a marketing problem. People don’t get it, they don’t care about it as much as they should, so they don’t make it a priority. Potential Energy Lab believes great creative can change the world. Remember that hilarious and potent “Save Florida Man from Climate Change” viral video? Potential Energy Lab funded that. Now they’re producing a knowledge newsletter called, “That’s Interesting.”  This week, POL published its ninth issue titled, “Talk of Banning Gas Stoves is Fueling the Flames.”

Why does “That’s Interesting” matter to us? Because since we began this work in 2019, we’ve amassed an immense amount of valuable data that helps identify who, how, and what to message to get more people to care more and act more on climate change — at scale. For example, in issue #9 we learn, based on data discovered while testing support for gas stove bans with an experiment in ten states: AZ, GA, CA, MI, NV, NC, NM, PA, UT, and WI, POL found it cost $20.48 to get someone to support a gas stove ban, but only $3.03 to get someone to oppose it. That’s seven times less productive of an argument. 

Incidentally, the best message didn’t appear to be the health risk (people don’t seem to believe it). Perhaps surprisingly, climate as the reason to replace household gas stoves is 25% more productive than making it about health. To find out better ways to communicate to change the narrative on climate change and to dramatically expand the number of citizens demanding action, check out, or click on the link in the deeper dive section of this show at

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