Earth Day Every Day – An Art Exhibit, More Earth Day Art Celebrations, Infinite LaGrange’s New Earth Day Game, PBS Gets All Earthy

by | Apr 20, 2022 | Podcasts, The Climate Daily

Earth Day Every Day – An Art Exhibit, More Earth Day Art Celebrations, Infinite LaGrange’s New Earth Day Game, PBS Gets All Earthy



PBS has announced its Earth Month inspired programing that will air this month and continue through the Fall. There are eleven programs in all ranging from Frontline’s “Plastic Wars” to Sir David Attenborough’s 2020 documentary called “Extinction: The Facts”.

In addition to this run of special programming, PBS is committed to showing content throughout the year that elevates the conversation around climate change and sustainability. For example, there are a handful of new films and series that PBS will also show throughout the year including a two-part documentary on Californian wildlife and environment titled Planet California and The Green Planet, a five-part documentary on Earth’s plant life featuring Sir David Attenborough.

Bill Gardner, PBS vice president of multi-platform programming and head of development, explains why continuing the programming past April is so important. “What happens in one part of the world is relevant to us all, and PBS is committed to airing programs that inform and empower audiences not just during Earth Month, but all year long.”

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Over in Texas, the La Grange Business Association (LGBA) has invited professional and amateur artists to help the community celebrate Earth Day in a unique way. Thirty 55-gallon rain barrels will be painted with colorful, eco-friendly designs.

As part of the LGBAs efforts to keep the environment on everyone’s mind, they’re calling the exhibit Earth Day Every Day. This is the 16th year the LGBA has hosted the annual public art exhibit. The rain barrel exhibit will run from June through September 2022 and will culminate in the pieces being auctioned off to benefit local nonprofit groups.

Why does the La Grange Business Association in climate denier Texas matter to us? The LGBA comes up with a focus on sustainability each year. This year, its sustainability focus is on water conservation–hence the rain barrels. Each rain barrel will display a QR code which links to various efforts that residents can make to adopt a greener lifestyle, such as where to recycle corks, shoes and Styrofoam and other sustainable ideas. 

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Speaking of LaGrange, you gotta check out this a mobile game by the gaming company Infinite LaGrange. It’s called, “Venture to the Unknown: The Magnificent Space Strategy Mobile Game.” According to its website, this is an Earth Day event preview. Here’s the context: based upon the idea that we are eons into the future, it gives the History of Earth Day. 

“Earth Day” is a traditional festival with one of the longest histories in the galaxy. The origins of the festival can be traced back to the environmental protection movement on Earth during ancient times. As times changed, so too did the connotations of Earth Day. The evolution of Earth Day serves as a bellwether for cultural history, a silent witness to the development and changes of the Earth over many thousands of years.

Here’s the pitch:  “Every year on Earth Day, those with an interest in ecology can sign up for the Create Your Own Environment Cylinder Event with the Federation of Ecology Enthusiasts. After acquiring the relevant ecological knowledge and passing the relevant tests, candidates may collect the materials they need to create their own Environment Cylinder from their nearest Federation branch. These materials include a small airtight cylinder, growing media, seeds/semi-dormant plants, etc.”

The Environment Cylinder is a small, airtight ecosystem with a built-in micro-climate simulator. This device enables simulation of the Earth’s weather patterns, as well as control over the substances and energy cycles within the Environment Cylinder. You’ll need to cultivate your Environment Cylinder at a space station equipped with a gravitational field similar to that of Earth, and ensure that the ambient temperature and sunlight levels are kept strictly within the parameters set by the Ecological Society. You’ll need to patiently monitor conditions inside the cylinder, develop its internal ecosystem step-by-step, and take good care of it.

 Pioneers will be able to observe the growth of plants in their Environment Cylinder each day, and generate reports from their records. You’ll receive a Proxima Coin reward based on the number of reports you generate.

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“A Peaceful Earth Experience” will be at the Art Gallery Pure, the newest contemporary fine art gallery in Plano, Texas. Recently debuting at the ArtExpo in New York, the exhibit is a celebration of Earth Day with a focus on sustainability and making a difference in the world through art. 

The group of internationally collected artists want to pay homage to the planet and show that even beauty can be created through things like recycled paper, glass, cloth, metal and reclaimed wood. 

And, closer to our home here in DC, a climate change exhibition wraps up this week at the Kennedy Center in Washington, DC. Called COAL + ICE, it’s a documentary photography exhibition that brings together the work of over 50 photographers and video artists from around the world to visualize the climate crisis – its causes and consequences – as a large-scale immersive experience. 

According to the curators, COAL + ICE is about climate change, but it is also about the resilience of humankind. The exhibition ends with an opportunity for reflection and response.

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