Earth Day Jubilee in Santa Monica CA, Climate Crusader–Salatou Sambou, The Climate Daily Reforestation Campaign!

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Earth Day jubilee in Santa Monica CA, plus climate crusader, Salatou Sambou, and The Climate Daily Reforestation Campaign!



Heal the Bay is an environmental nonprofit dedicated to making the coastal waters and watersheds of the Greater Los Angeles area safe, healthy, and clean since 1985. For them, every day is this Earth Day, but April 22nd is extra special because communities from around the world come together in appreciation for our shared home and work together to help heal our planet.

On April 22nd, Heal the Bay is hosting their Earth Day Jubilee on the Santa Monica Pier as they celebrate the beauty of our oceans. With indoor and outdoor activities ranging from visits with the aquarium’s most beloved animals and wildlife observation decks to craft stations, short films, and mini dance parties throughout the day, this family-friendly Earth Day event is a great way to educate our children and youth about the environmental movement. For more information about Heal the Bay and their Earth Day Jubilee, please check out the links in the Deeper Dive section of this story @ or visit:

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Meet CLIMATE CRUSADER Salatou Sambou, cofounder and spokesman of Kawawana, an Indigenous and Community Conserved Area (ICCA) of fishing villages in the municipality of Mangagoulack, southern Senegal. Kawawana is an abbreviation of “our local heritage to be preserved by us all” in the local Jola language. 

Sambou is a fisherman from Casamance, Senegal. He was the founding President and is now a Technical Advisor for the Fishermen’s Association of the Rural Municipality of Mangagoulack (APCRM), one of the earliest Members of the Consortium. The Association and its larger community were the origin of the formal establishment of the Conserved Area named Kawawana—a coastal and marine area of 9,665 hectares fully governed, managed, and conserved by local initiative. Kawawana is the first Indigenous and Community Conserved Area to be officially recognized in Senegal by regional authorities on the basis of the decentralization law — a feat that would have been impossible without Sambou’s vision, enthusiasm, determination, and diplomatic abilities. 

Sambou’s experience and capabilities are well recognized in the region, and he has organized and attended numerous field exchanges and training initiatives in West Africa. He is currently engaged in promoting the expansion of ICCAs in Casamance and the region at large “while maintaining their quality and integrity”, in particular through the promotion of appropriate forms of recognition and support. Sambou is the ICCA Consortium’s Coordinator for the coastal and marine environments of West Africa.

Why does the work of the Kawawana matter to us? According to Sambou, “The current situation for fishing communities on the Casamance River has been transformed. In the designated zones that we have established, there is a good haul of fish, and what we can make at market is similar to what we made before the decline in stock. Kawawana is now a reference in Senegal and more broadly in West Africa as an example of sustainability and community engagement in fishing.”

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Remember how in January we at The Climate Daily launched our first ever Climate Champions Massive Tree Reforestation campaign? Well in honor of upcoming Earth Day 2023, we’re launching The Climate Champions 50/100 campaign! What’s a climate champion, you ask? A climate champion proves that a small group of people can make a massive impact on the planet in a short amount of time. How? Our company, The Climate, is partnering with over 30 international tree-planting organizations–ALONG WITH our climate champions– to re-plant, and regrow forests all over the world, by planting ten thousand trees at a time. Why? Because science says the best way to combat climate change is to restore nature. And the fastest way to restore nature is to plant and grow a trillion trees, and the fastest way to plant and grow a trillion trees is to replant and regrow forests. The fastest way to do that is to plant ten thousand trees at a time, 

And the fastest and most fun way to plant ten thousand trees at a time is to fundraise with friends, climate champions. So, we’re looking for folks to donate $50 or $100 one time, to help us plant 10,000 trees at a time, in one of seven regions around the planet. (Which our tree planting partners will do. They’re the tree-planting professionals.)

Please visit hyphen champions/50or100. Click on the donate button and join our team of climate champions today. Again, visit hyphen champions/50or100. Click on the donate button and join our team of climate champions today. And if you want to start your own team of climate champions, reach out to us at info@ Well help you put together your own small group of climate champions to make a massive impact on the planet in a short amount of time.

(Planting 10 thousand trees–a 20-acre forest!) Wouldn’t it be great to be the change you want to see in the world? Go to hyphen champions/50or100and become part of something special. Become a climate champion.  Thank you!!

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