Earth Futures Festival, She Changes Climate, the Movie & the Organization!

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Earth Futures Festival, plus “She Changes Climate”, the movie and  She Changes Climate, the organization!



Earth Futures Festival connects geoscience and the arts raising international awareness of the role Earth Science plays in building our sustainable future. 

The Earth Futures Festival aims to raise international awareness of the role of Earth Science (geoscience) in our sustainable future. According to its website, Geoscience is key to understanding the relationships between the planet’s physical and biological systems, human interaction with the environment and climatic impacts. 

The Festival is organized in collaboration with the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), International Geoscience Program (IGCP) Project 685: Geology for Sustainable Development and with the International Union of Geological Sciences (IUGS).

It was founded by Dr. Heather Handley, associate professor of geoscience with a specialty in volcanoes and by television executive Simon John Heath. Heath has produced and directed episodes of MythBusters, Taboo and Catalyst. Handley is Co-Founder and Inaugural President of the Women in Earth and Environmental Sciences Australasia network (WOMEESA).

There are three themes explored by those films submitted to EFF: Dynamic Earth; Future Earth and Human Connection. 972 submitted films were whittled down to 21 finalists. Earth Futures Festival held its award ceremony on October 15th, which is now available on Youtube. Click on the link in the Deeper Dive section of this story at to stream the ceremony.

And to check out the films themselves, surf on over to or click on the link in the Deeper Dive section of this story at Why does the Earth Futures Festival matter to us? The festival aims to educate and inspire others, create diverse role models, motivate positive global change and attract a diverse range of people towards both study and careers in the field of geoscience. 




Want to tap into a compelling climate change movie—fiery-yet-serene, and defiant-yet-hopeful? Then check out the trailer of the upcoming, “She Changes Climate.” According to its website, SHE Changes Climate is a global campaign, driving awareness of the crucial role of women in accelerating just climate action. In other words, there can be no climate justice, without gender justice. This short documentary gives voice to those female leaders left absent from global climate negotiations and explores the actions necessary to drive a better future for all.  

The film was co-produced by Earth Minutes and Visionary Pictures and was sponsored by Clim8 Invest. Its production is a Carbon Neutral and Sustainable Production, certified by Albert. Albert supports the global Film and TV industry to reduce the environmental impacts of production and to create content that supports a vision for a sustainable future. 

The producers of “She Changes Climate” are committed to ensuring that women, in all their diversity, are able to make the critical decisions to save humanity. The title “She Changes Climate “ comes from the name of the organization of the same name, founded in 2020 by Bianca Pitt, Antoinette Vemilye and Elise Buckle. 

Why does “She Changes Climate” matter to us? The fascinating women climate champions it profiles. People like Princess Esmeralda of Belgium, Farhana Yamin, Joycelyn Longdon and Orsola de Castro, just to name a few. Click on the link in the Deeper Dive section of this story at to stream the 17 minute film masterpiece. 

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SCC is working to bring about real transformation by asking global leaders of governments and businesses to look inward at the talent pool that already exists within their nations to build genuinely representative leadership teams. Here are a few ways we get to work! It does that four ways: Influencing by supporting diplomats behind-the-scenes to appoint more women into leadership roles at the Conferences of the Parties (COPs). We do this by providing data, connections, and solutions to delegations trying to improve their diversity at all levels. 

Through campaigns She Changes Climate by galvanizing public support and opinion by harnessing media endorsement and leveraging social media. SCC hosts events to develop momentum and evolve thinking around the issue, and also speaking at a variety of impactful events. It fosters and facilitates collaboration between other gender and environmental groups to ensure we calibrate our respective messaging to maximum effect. We listen to the voices of local activists, and we endorse those operating inspiring practices. 

Finally, SCC helps local women find their own platform and voice for gender issues that concern them. We amplify our learnings by sharing our experiences with others around the world. SCC was founded in 2020 by Bianca Pitt, Antoinette Vermilye and Elise Buckle. Pitt is the Founder of the Women of the Environment Network. Vermilye is Co-founder of the Gallifrey Foundation. And Buckle is president of Climate & Sustainability, a platform of collaboration for change-makers focusing on partnership for climate, people and nature.  

Why does She Changes Climate matter to us? All countries around the world have powerful, experienced and capable women who deserve to use their voices to accelerate just climate action. But also because of its awesome Resources. Check them out by visiting

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