Hello Healthyearth.com, Hello the Other Healthy Earth Organization! Climate Champ, Falon Tabares

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Hello Healthyearth.com, and hello to the other Healthy Earth Organization! Plus, climate champion, Falon Tabares!



Environmental anxiety amongst children is already a fact. That’s why the folks at Conscious Creators created the Healthy Earth coloring workbook and website. The Healthy Earth website (hellohealthyearth.com)is a positive and creative space for nourishing the growth of future environmental heroes. The coloring book, officially is called, ready?: “Healthy Earth Environmental Educational Coloring Work Book About Sustainability”, and it features 30 pages to color and 30 pages to read with positive vibes, practical tips and inspiring examples of sustainability.

Conscious Creators is a team of friends, environmentalists, and creatives that believes that one of the best ways to spread the message about sustainability is to empower the younger generations with inspiration, positive ideas, and love for nature. That team includes world traveler and author Petya Georgieva Miller and illustrator Ivelina Vasileva. Miller has a Masters in Psychology and is passionate about mental, physical and environmental health. Vasileva has over a decade of professional graphic design and illustration experience. 

Together they believe to spark the curiosity of children and to grab their attention, it’s essential to mix art, play, and optimistic narratives.” Sounds very solar punk, right? The website is free. The coloring book is a very affordable $25.00. 

Why should Healthy Earth matter to us? In the words of positive, unverified reviews from parents on the website: “Such a helpful and educational book on so many levels! “As a children’s psychologist, I really appreciate the thoughtful concept of Healthy Earth!” wrote Anastasia, a mother of two. Or, “It’s so cool to see my sons excited to follow the book’s eco-takeaways in our everyday life at home,” wrote Eric, a father of three.

And if those aren’t reasons enough, how about the Healthy Earth credo of staying away from the scary narratives about the end of the world. They’re motto is: Don’t get sad, get active! 

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This has happened so many times in the past here on The Climate Daily, that I’m no longer surprised when it happens, just always delighted when it does. We were doing research on the coloring book, The Healthy Earth, sold at hellohealthyearth.com, when we came across another organization also called, The Healthy Earth (www.thehealthyearth.org).

It’s a non-profit organization co-founded by Falon Tabares and John Harold in 2019 in SW Florida. This Healthy Earth was also created to empower young individuals to understand nature and critical environmental issues. It focuses on providing resources for the next generation to develop new ideas, inventions, and solutions that help generate change.

I love their slogan, “Optimizing existence on earth. We’re helping young people realize the importance of understanding nature & critical environmental issues & ways they can help.” The Healthy Earth (or THEO as it calls itself) offers Early Learning programs aimed at kids 4-9. These programs mix art, science and play together in an effort to unlock critical thinking and to create a long-lasting understanding of the natural world.

THEO offers teen learning programs which engage students 10-19 in skill-building exercise modules, along with Q&A’s with sustainability subject matter experts like engineers, scientists, even chefs! The goal is to stimulate a sense of wonder and discovery around all things climate. Theo also offers virtual outreach programs for grades 4+, and access to local Florida or national volunteer opportunities for those 13 and older. There’s even a six-month THEO Captain certificate program. It’s designed to foster leadership, problem-solving and teamwork skills in youth. Not just theoretical, the program exposes its participants to internship opportunities and more.

Why does the work of The Healthy Earth matter to us? According to its website THEO has impacted over 1,700 young folks, hosted 17 cleanups and collected more than 700 llbs. of trash. Their goal is to collect 3.5K pounds of marine debris by the end of 2022!  

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Falon Tabares is CEO and Founder of The Healthy Earth Organization, a non-profit based in southwest Florida. Tabares, who immigrated from Columbia when she was a young girl, did not speak English when she arrived in America.. Through her hard work and passion, she graduated from Florida Gulf Coast University, then got the opportunity to work for Univision and developed a career in marketing.

It was while working at Univision that Tabares envisioned The Healthy Earth. Following her mentor’s advice, she took a leap of faith and started The Healthy Earth Organization. She recently visited Pace Center for Girls in Immokalee, FL, where she taught the Pace girls about the world food supply, the Great Pacific Garbage Patch and the need for environmentally friendly practices when making choices on what to purchase and consume.

She said, “It was great to come, meet the Pace girls and teach them about healthy habits that can impact their world. “I loved the questions the girls had as it showed their interest in the environment.” Tabares was recently bestowed the INCredible Award by SouthWest Florida, a regional chamber of commerce, for her good works with The Healthy Earth. Upon receiving the award, Tabares said, “Creating The Healthy Earth Organization will forever be one of the most incredible things I have ever been able to do.”

And that’s why Falon Tabares matters to us—her gratitude and her vision are an inspiration to climate change champions around the globe.

Did I mention she’s also host of the online magazine (?) An Unlikely Perspective? Its mission is to revolutionize the way people learn about new and existing environmental technologies with an emphasis on agriculture, biotech and lab grown foods.

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