International Leopard Day! Local Clean Water Heroes Film Fest, The Climate Daily Reforestation Campaign!

by | May 3, 2023 | Podcasts, The Climate Daily

International Leopard Day! Plus local DMV clean water heroes film fest, and The Climate Daily Reforestation Campaign!



Happy International Leopard Day! Every year on the 3rd May is the celebration of International Leopard Day. In an ongoing attempt to increase awareness of the importance of this species, this is a day that celebrates leopards and attempts to increase the global awareness of their status as well as the threats that leopard populations are faced with. In honor of leopards, here are some interesting leopard facts:  

  •     Leopards communicate with each other through distinctive calls. For instance, when a male wants to make another leopard aware of his presence, he’ll make a hoarse, raspy cough. They also growl when angry and, like domestic cats, purr when happy and relaxed.
  •     Leopards can be found in various places around the world – they live in Sub-Saharan Africa, northeast Africa, Central Asia, India and China. In fact in 35 countries around the world.
  •     Leopards are very solitary and spend most of their time alone. They each have their own territory, and leave scratches on trees, urine scent marks and poop to warn other leopards to stay away! Males and females will cross territories, but only to mate.
  •     These big cats have a varied diet and enjoy different kinds of grub. They eat bugs, fish, antelope, monkeys, rodents, and deer.
  •     Most leopards are light coloured and have dark spots on their fur. These spots are called “rosettes” because their shape is similar to that of a rose. 

 You gotta check out the photos and videos of leopards in the wild on! They are phenomenal. Surf on over to or click on the link in the Deeper Dive section of this story at, to be amazed!  

DEEPER DIVE: Wild-Eye, Visions of the World



Tomorrow May 4th, Waterkeepers Chesapeake will present 4 short films on local communities facing the challenges of water pollution and how they organized to find solutions. The first 3 films profile communities who rallied to address sewage in a Baltimore river, flooding along the Patuxent River due to overdevelopment, and toxic coal ash contamination of drinking water wells and the Potomac River.

The fourth film chronicles two local farmers — an organic grain farmer on Maryland’s Eastern Shore and an urban farmer in Baltimore — who are practicing climate-smart regenerative practices that grow healthy soil which protects water quality, improves ecosystem health, and reduces farm risk from extreme weather events.

The Water Heroes Film Fest will take place in Patagonia Old Town, 815 1/2 King Street, Alexandria, VA tomorrow Thursday, May 4 at 8:30 PM 22314
The event is FREE!

The Showings are:

  • Sewage in the River: A Baltimore Community’s Response (5:58)
  • Housing Development Causes Flooding: A Patuxent River Community’s Response (6:31)
  • Toxic Coal Ash: A Virginia Community’s Response (6:21)
  • The Dirt of Soil Health: Building a Resilient Future (7:02)

Why do these films matter to us? 

In these films, community members give advice on how other communities can address these pollution threats, and the Baltimore Harbor Waterkeeper, Patuxent Riverkeeper and Potomac Riverkeeper outline how the Clean Water Act offers legal tools and resources for communities looking for solutions. At this short film festival, participants in the films will be present for a discussion of the films. Each film is 6-7 minutes. This free event is generously hosted by Patagonia Old Town. A Patagonia item will be given away to a lucky attendee. Refreshments will be available, including Patagonia Provisions.

DEEPER DIVE: Water Heroes Films #1-#3, “Dirt on Soil Health”


We’re making progress with our Climate Champions 50/100 reforestation campaign, so we’re keeping it going!


Thank you to the listeners of The Climate Daily who donated to The Climate Champions 50/100 campaign! There’s still work to do to get us to 10,000 trees. That’s why we’re extending the campaign through May to give more of you the chance to become climate champions. What’s a climate champion, you ask? A climate champion proves that a small group of people can make a massive impact on the planet in a short amount of time.  

How? Our company, The Climate, is partnering with over 30 international tree-planting organizations–ALONG WITH our climate champions– to re-plant, and regrow forests all over the world, by planting ten thousand trees at a time. Why? Because science says the best way to combat climate change is to restore nature. And the fastest way to restore nature is to plant and grow a trillion trees by 2030, and the fastest way to plant and grow a trillion trees is to replant and regrow forests. The fastest way to do that is to plant ten thousand trees at a time. So, we’re looking for folks to donate $50 or $100 one time, to help us plant 10,000 trees at a time, in one of seven regions around the planet.

(Which our tree planting partners will do. They’re the tree-planting professionals.) 

Please visit Click on the donate button and join our team of climate champions today. Again, visit Click on the donate button and join our team of climate champions today. And if you want to start your own team of climate champions, reach out to us at info@ We’ll help you put together your own small group of climate champions to make a massive impact on the planet in a short amount of time. 

(Planting 10 thousand trees–a 20-acre forest!) 

Wouldn’t it be great to be the change you want to see in the world? Go to and become part of something special. Become a climate champion.  Thank you!!

DEEPER DIVE: 50/100 Campaign, Trillion Tree Project