The 50/100 Massive Reforestation Campaign, Zemo Partnership, Human Impacts Institute

by | Jun 14, 2023 | Podcasts, The Climate Daily

The 50/100 massive reforestation campaign, plus the Zemo Partnership, and the Human Impacts Institute



Thanks to 33 of you, and our tree-planting partner, 1TreePlanted, we at The Climate have already begun planting our first 10,000 tree forest. Surf on over to and click on Feather River Restoration Project to see the work being done by to reforest that California forest. Help us plant our second 10,000 tree forest by donating to the 50/100 campaign.

As of today, Wednesday, June 13 we only have 240 trees to go. Visit and at the top of the page, click on the words, “Climate Champions” and donate $50 or $100—and plant 45 or 90 trees. Become a climate champion today. Now that forests are burning ON A MASSIVE SCALE, planting trees matters more than ever. Go to and at the top of the page, click on the words, “Climate Champions” and donate $50 or $100—and plant 45 or 90 trees. Become a climate champion today. And thanks.

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Meet Britain’s Zemo Partnership, embracing a commitment to achieve a zero emissions future and strengthening our determination to make change happen faster. Zemo Partnership’s aims are:

  • To facilitate cross-sectoral engagement between industry and other stakeholders with the aims of:

o Developing collaborative initiatives that develop the market for low carbon vehicles and fuels

o Building understanding and consensus regarding the optimal pathways to low carbon road transport

o Influencing Government and other decision makers on future policy directions and optimal policy mechanisms

  • encourage research, demonstration and commercialisation of low carbon automotive technologies in the UK and help UK businesses to participate in emerging markets
  • contribute towards the setting and achievement of UK Government targets for carbon reduction from the road transport sector
  • coordinate an effective flow of information within and between industry and other stakeholders to:

o Raise awareness of recent developments and new opportunities

o Improve knowledge and awareness of key issues

o Increase stakeholder understanding about the mission of the Partnership and its achievements.

Why does the Zemo Partnership matter to us? If for no other reason, its Charter for Change: Zemo Partnership is committed to accelerating transport to zero emissions by:

  • Only focusing on the actions and policies that will effect real change
  • Aligning our work to the Government’s net zero emissions ambitions
  • Driving even broader collaboration between government, industry and our members
  • Working closely with Government as a key enabler and facilitator of change
  • Embracing every opportunity and technology on the journey ‘from low to zero’


And also remember, tomorrow is the MAKING CLIMATE CHANGE INITIATIVES MORE ACCESSIBLE” WEBINAR: All about The Inclusion Imperative in Climate Change. The webinar will take place tomorrow, Jun 15, 2023 12:00 PM EDT, in conjunction with the United Nations Conference of States Parties to the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. 

Click on the link in the Deeper Dive section of this story at to register for this Thu, Jun 15, 2023 12:00 PM EDT lively and timely event.

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What are your Human Impacts? Climate change is complex and often overwhelming. It’s well known that caring about something doesn’t necessarily lead us to make serious change. That’s the role of the Human Impacts Institute. The Human Impacts Institute (HII) is an environmental and social justice, arts-based nonprofit in Brooklyn, New York. Its mission is to use arts and culture to inspire environmental action for social good. It exists to make action personal and practical by highlighting new voices of leadership, connecting its audience to solutions in engaging ways, and welcoming them to a diverse, creative community that is addressing the root causes of the climate crisis, according to their website. 

The Human Impact Institute does that through education, storytelling, exhibitions and conversations. Education includes Youth Leadership Intensives. The intensives are virtual and in-person year-round youth leadership trainings that combine mentorship and hands-on learning. These experiences teach youth of all ages about local social and environmental justice issues, activism strategies, scientific communication, and community engagement. 

Exhibits include Creative Climate Awards, an annual global competition and festival, the awards showcase artists creating climate-inspired work that raises public awareness and sparks action. The 2023 CCA was a month-long festival of conversations, screenings, artist talks, performances, parties and a citywide exhibit. We hosted 15 events, projected 30 climate actions on the Manhattan Bridge, and reached more than 1,300 participants.  

The 2024 Creative Climate Awards will occur next spring, but if you’d like to meet the 2023 artists, check out, or click on the link in the Deeper Dive section of this story at Why does the Human Impacts Institute matter to us? Because it’s a membership organization; a community of connectors. It’s an international network of creatives, educators, activists and policy experts. Because it works in city streets, schools, galleries, and museums, bringing people together to promote equitable solutions in positive and creative ways. 

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