Scottish Youth Activism, New Ecobiz, CA 2035 Gas Car Ban, Bike Boom

by | Jan 20, 2021 | Podcasts, The Climate Daily

Scottish students propose climate change legislation ahead of their adult lawmakers. An eco-entrepreneur creates a recycling program to reduce food delivery waste. What’s behind California Gov. Gavin Newsom’s ban on sale of gas cars in the Golden State by 2035? It’s official–we’re in a bike boom!



Throughout the pandemic, food delivery services have been busier than ever with customers in quarantine. As a result, the single-use plastic delivery packaging is generating more waste in landfills across the United States. However, in a recent Fast Company story, entrepreneur Lindsey Hoell discussed her zero-waste container startup called Dispatch Goods. The startup takes a new approach by partnering with restaurants to deliver food in metal containers to customers. Then, Dispatch Goods employees pick up, clean and return the container to the restaurant for reuse. Over the past few months, Dispatch Goods usage rates exceeded targets, and Hoell expects profitability. In an interview with Fast Company, Hoell said she thinks it’s feasible for reusables to eventually replace single-use takeout containers entirely. As social distancing measures remain, customers now have the opportunity to reduce their waste and carbon footprint on the planet.

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While in quarantine, many Americans have stayed connected to the world through the great outdoors. A recent Bloomberg CityLab story discusses how the pandemic has resulted in one positive social shift toward sustainable transportation: a bike boom. According to new data from Strava, a fitness tracking app used by nearly 68 million users worldwide, several U.S. cities showed significant year-to-year growth in bike trips and cyclists in 2020. Among six U.S. cities surveyed by Strava, Houston and Los Angeles stand out. The number of cycling trips in Houston, Texas was 138% higher in May 2020 compared to the year prior. In Los Angeles, the increase was 93%. Other major cities, including New York City and Chicago, also saw a steady rise in cycling over the summer.

The pandemic has demonstrated people’s ability to adapt to the health and safety of others. The bike boom is just another example of Americans transitioning to sustainable transportation for the health of our planet.

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