The COP26 Cop-Out Stomps on Our Buzz

by | Nov 15, 2021 | Podcasts, The Climate Daily

Whether you’re an “old head” climate warrior or a newbie anxious for good news, we can all agree COP26 was a major bust. Today, we express our disappointment, and we also double down on our commitment to bring you stories of strength, hope and courage in the era of the climate crisis.



If you’re an OG like me, somebody who has been in the climate space for you know, 10 years trying to do things he may have known intellectually bad, things weren’t going to be as gangbusters as we had hoped. But still, the level of disappointment from the level of lack of leadership is disappointing. And if you’re new GE, you know, somebody who’s new to the game, if you’re new to this, you might have been really thought something was gonna happen. And it didn’t.

Well, you know, maybe me. That’s me. That’s right.

Yeah. Where you really thought something was gonna come out of this. Why wouldn’t you think there was something coming out of this, there was a lot of shit they were talking about in terms of the possibilities, right,

I believed it. I believed all the hype. I was aware of that this was a big deal. And leaders from all over the world, were going to this big conference, and I was waiting to hear all these fabulous changes were gonna happen. It’s sort of, it’s sort of the opposite of what happened to the world. So George Floyd, his murder was like, that was unplanned. You know, that event was unplanned.

And out of an unplanned horror, Rose, a lot of energy, woke up 26 was planned and plan and plan and build up and build up and build up. And so to come out of that build up, build a build up, he thinks something really big was gonna happen. But instead, it was hugely anticlimactic. 

That’s right. So the unplanned murder of George Floyd galvanize the world, right? But they planned hyped, super hyped COP26 outcome completely deflated the world, which was ready for a George Floyd moment.

And you know, but I’m reluctant to equate that I mean, I’m certainly not trying to diminish George Floyd’s life or death in any way. I’m just using as an example of a topic or an area in which there is international concern for lack of a better phrasing.

I mean, I think you said I think you did a fine job. I don’t think anybody’s gonna go well, George Floyd and climate are not the same equivalent. And reality is the kind of bar because they both spoke to a moment where clearly the system is breaking down. And the difference between before George Floyd was there wasn’t somebody being murdered on live TV by a cop,

…Or racism, as a plague on society has been around for a long time. But Mike and climate change as a plague on society has been around for a long time.

We know about it, it’s not racism. We’ve known about it for a long time. But also in the light of all the forest fires all the train after train after hurricanes after all of the heat dome, after all, the evidence was really clear that everybody got to witness during the lockdowns of the pandemic plus the pandemic itself could be symptomatic of a climate change.

We all had the expectation to COP26 was going to be a moment galvanizing the entire planet, including government leaders. And we are going to break through into some change in the same way that we’ve broken through and through some change, thanks to the unfortunate, untimely and disastrous death of George Floyd.

And in both instances, those are two things that have had taken on international energy because there were protests a whole over people have a feeling of what the hell else is going to take for us to change things as right you know, what more do we need to see where real change is necessary and and what more do we need then all this the list of streaming Whether events you just gave as examples do, we need to show that change is necessary. And we’re not getting it, we’re not seeing it. As right. It’s demoralizing.

COP26 was a huge cop out. And it’s important to acknowledge that it’s important to let that flow through. And it’s important for other people to know how disappointed we are at the climate daily as they might be, wherever they are. So that we all understand that we’re in this together, we’re feel the disappointment, as as much as we feel the victories. When we find people and organizations taking action to combat climate change, and we report on them.

We are bummed out that this fell so far short, that if you listen carefully, all the big governments and all the corporations are now talking about methane, capping methane, because it’s a super greenhouse gas emitter. Because if you talk about methane, then it takes away from people having to address getting rid of coal, which is the thing that needs to happen.

But now listen carefully to all of the folks, the government’s and the big corporations are all now all talking about getting rid of methane, not coal. That number itself is hugely disappointing, because that means fossil fuel interests have gotten too big governments and corporations.

So we at the climate Daly, we’re gonna do what we can to make sure that this, we let you all have a moment. It’s important to have the moment and then we’re going to get up and we’re going to do it again. Stronger, bigger, badder and better.