The Green Earth Society, Net Zero Tracker App, Global Wind and World Sea Turtle Days, Listeners’ Call to Action!

by | Jun 15, 2022 | Podcasts, The Climate Daily

The Green Earth Society, plus a new net zero tracker app. Global Wind and World Sea Turtle days, and our listeners’ call to action!



Guess what? There’s a Green Earth Society! It’s an organization based out of Bandar Johor Bahru, Malaysia. Green Earth Society (GES) was formed by a group of committed citizens to do their part to reverse the accelerating pace of environmental degradation and natural resource depletion. Its mission is to stop or slow the existing situation through the enrichment of the environment and conservation of the natural resources for a sustainable future for us and for our children.

Why does the work of Green Earth Society mater to us? The quality of life we experience on Earth is deteriorating at an alarming pace. Green Earth Society has three primary focuses. Focusing on the young—empowering them with the skills to manage the climate sustainably, a climate they will inherit. The second focus is on international funding. The climate has no borders, so support for it shouldn’t have any either. The third focus is on school activities. GES is building educational programs, currently primarily based at their Global Environmental Center.

In January of 2022, GES launched GES Web TV. Check it out by surfing on over to and click on the links in the Deeper Dive section of this story.




The Net Zero Tracker is a collaboration of four organizations—The Energy & Climate Intelligence Unit, a non-profit supporting informed debate on energy and climate change issues in the UK; The Data-Driven EnviroLab, an interdisciplinary research lab helmed by Dr. Angel Hsu at UNC Chapel Hill; the NewClimate Institute, a non-profit founded in 2014; and Oxford Net Zero, an Oxford University-based interdisciplinary research program on climate neutrality.

Its mission is Create the definitive global resource for collating, assessing and presenting the scale and quality of net zero pledges across nationals, sub-nationals, companies and other entities. So what is the Net Zero Tracker? How does it work? And why does it matter to us?

The Net Zero Tracker collects information on targets for net zero emissions (and similar aims) pledged by countries, cities, states/regions/provinces and companies. It collects data on UNFCCC member states, other regions and territories, all cities larger than 500,000 people, all regions in the top 25-emitting countries, and all of the 2,000 largest public companies.

These groups are analyzed, coded and displayed on the Net Zero Tracker map, easily digestible for all to see. And that’s why the Net Zero Tracker matters to us. It shows everybody how the world is doing. More importantly, it provides us with visual “peer pressure”

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Today is Global Wind Day. It started out in 2007 as Wind Day and was organized by WindEurope and the Global Wind Energy Council as a way for adults and children  to discover the benefits of wind energy, its power and the possibilities it holds to change the world, according to Wikipedia. 

In association with EWEA and GWEC, national wind energy associations and companies involved in wind energy production organise events in many countries around the world. In 2011, there were events organised in 30 countries, on 4 continents. Events included visits to onshore and offshore wind farms, information campaigns, demonstration turbines being set up in cities, wind workshops and a wind parade. is the organization and website built by WindEurope and GWEC to promote the day. There’s an informative YouTube video there, downloadable children’s activities and lots of what they’re calling “success stories,” interesting reads of wind power pioneers as well as the new generation of wind power experts.

And tomorrow, June 16th is  is World Sea Turtle Day. World Sea Turtle Day, June 16th, is a day used to honor and highlight the importance of sea turtles. These creatures, like any other creature, are magnificent in their own way. Not only are sea turtles beautiful animals, but they also show incredible perseverance and resilience – after all, they have been nesting on beaches for millions of years. So of course they deserve their own day dedicated to their awesomeness!

Did you know that six of the seven species of sea turtles live in the ocean off the United States? Sea turtles are reptiles, but unlike land turtles, they can’t pull their head and flippers inside to protect themselves. Sea turtles have streamlined bodies and large flippers—which make them well-adapted to life in the ocean.

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Recently, one of our listeners shared her story of how listening to the climate daily helped her deal so well with her climate change overwhelm, that she got out and started working with the local community based group. Then she challenged us to ask you all to share any stories you might have of how listening to the climate daily might have inspired you into action, so we can share them with the world.

Remember, we’re all about sharing stories of people taking positive action to combat climate change. And that’s you listeners. You can hit us up on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter at #wetheclimate or Jeffrey at The Climate dot org or Maude at The Climate dot org, too.